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Yes…. the day has finally come , and its time for the DRUG ┬áTALk! My fifteen year old came home, and was telling me stories about his friends trying marijuana. I know that’s his way of testing his waters with me…what do I do? (more…)



Going Nuts?? Frustrated???


I know how it feels to have a full time job, have children, and at the same time trying to go to school. Here are tips I do to stay sane. (more…)

Hello Hello!

Sensitive subject… How do you know when your child is being BULLIED??? How do you deal with it? (more…)

Hi there mommies!

I know its the season for cold and flu’s, and there is nothing worse then seeing your little ones sick. Lately , there has been a lot of negitive studies about little ones taking over the counter drugs for minor coughs and colds.┬áTherefore here are some natural approaches I do to make my toddler feel better when she has cold. (more…)