Home remedies for coughing/wheezing for the little ones!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Children's Health
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Hi there mommies!

I know its the season for cold and flu’s, and there is nothing worse then seeing your little ones sick. Lately , there has been a lot of negitive studies about little ones taking over the counter drugs for minor coughs and colds. Therefore here are some natural approaches I do to make my toddler feel better when she has cold. Colds usually come with stuffy or congested nose, and an annoying cough. For the sinus issues, I usually let my little one sleep elevated so that she gets a better night rest. Along with sleeping elevated, I often spray salin in her nose so that she is more comfortable. As for the cough that can lead to wheezing. At the onset of the cough: I will close all doors in the bathroom, turn the shower all the way to hot. Make sure that the bathroom is steamy, and sit in there with her so that she can inhale the steam. This technigue helps open their little lungs. These home remedies have really helped me survive with my little ones. Hopefully it helps you!!


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