How do I know if my toddler is being BULLIED???

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Children's Health
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Hello Hello!

Sensitive subject… How do you know when your child is being BULLIED??? How do you deal with it?

My four year old was acting odd last week. She started having nightmares, peeing in her pants on purpose, not eating her lunch at school and says she sees monsters! Yes, I agree four year old’s are peculiar people, but when they are acting in a way that is not in their norm. Please do not ignore. Here are the steps I took that really helped us get to the bottom of her being bullied.

Instead of being frustrated with Chloe. I was very attentive, and asked her plenty of questions. The only real clue I received from Chloe was when I asked her to describe how scary her monster was, and funny enough she described the monster to be a girl that was four years old, and as soon as she did that she would cry. I knew something was wrong… I then started to ask Chloe everyday how school was, and who did she play with at school? She would then also start to cry. I began going online searching for signs of bullying, and unfortunately Chloe had all the signs. Here are the steps I took to control the situation.


1. I made sure that the teachers are aware of the situation

2. I role played with Chloe on how to stand up for herself

3. I set up play dates with other friends in class, so that she knows that there are other people she can play with

There are plenty of other tactics on handling bullying, however please understand that the sooner you identify the situation the less traumatized your child will be : )

Great Video about Bullying:


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