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Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I read a really interesting Public Relations case study on a crisis that the company Kryptonite had. For those of you that do not know who Kryptonite is, Kryptonite is a Massachusetts company that is well known for their legendary theft proof bike locks since 1972. The companies advertisments consisted of them putting bikes in the worst neighborhoods in New York, and with repeated break in attempts the locks were seemingly theft proof.

In 2004, a bike enthusiast Chris Brennan who owned a Kryptonite lock found that his bikes wheels were stolen and that a Bic pen can unlock a u-lock Kryptonite bike lock. He then contact his friend, and next thing you know , the information was posted on a bike blog, than a video of how a Bic pen can actually unlock the lengendary safe lock was posted. Within days of the post 340,000 people viewed the post and the video were downloaded 3 million times.

 Kryptonite’s PR professional Tocci decided that she was not going to respond to the blogs, she thought that the best way was the conventional way, which was answering phone calls, talking to media outlets, and having customer service answer customer concerns. In fact monitoring internet and blog actvitiy was something that the company did not do. This crisis cost the company 10 million dollars, and daunting lessson.

However, it was a learning experience for the company as the world has changed.  Kryptonite’s General manager Steve Down referred to it as the BLOGOSPHERE! He stated that Web blogs are a reality, and that after the companies crisis he reccommends that business should take blogs seriously and adequately respond to consumers concerns.

This case story really opened my mind about socail media as well. As noted, I am not too familiar with the world of social media. However, I now understand that although many use social media as a means of entertainment, and staying in touch with friends. Social media plays a huge role in business as well. It is a two way communication tool between a business and a consumer, and social media is a tool that should be mastered.


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