Making Content Count

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Social media is something that I am very interested in right now, because to me, it’s about how creative you are on putting information out that can cause someone to engage with you. And ultimately the more engagement. The better!  Isn’t that awesome? I think that if you look at social media whether from a personal, entertainment , or business aspect. What everyone wants  to see if the information/content that they delivered counted. 

Recently I read an awesome Public Relations plan it is called “Mashing the low carb CRAZE”. In short it was a campaign that the potato industry wanted to release, because of the decline of people consuming potatoes, because of Dr. Atkins (the low carb diet).  So Fleishman a PR company launched an informative campaign about the health benefits of eating potatoes. The informational campaign made 62 million impressions, 28 percent gain in favor of potato consumption, and 250,000 people visited the potato website. The reason why this particular campaign was successful was because the tactic of delivering information was united across all of the media outlets, and their content was carefully thought out.

There it is, delivering content that counts.



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