One Vision is KEY

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

The other night I was watching “The Wolfe of Wall Street”, and although I’m sure that Hollywood did it’s magic and made everything a little more dramatic than real life. What I took out of that movie was the power he had to motivate his organization. After all motivation within the motivation is key right? Like a typical sales department Leonardo has his morning drive time meetings to get the employees pump, and make employees feel connected, and wanted to sale, because their hard work is going to pay off! In retrospect, I took the same message and related to “social business”. I mean, in an organization there are so many departments. I’m sure the sales, marketing, and the millenniums in the company are all about taking the business social, and they understand the benefits of being social. On the contrary there are those in the company that just don’t care. They think that all the social stuff is a waste of time. And for whatever their reasoning is, they just want to do their daily job and not be involved. Well what do you do if you were in this situation? Be “The Wolfe of Wall Street”! Increase morale. Open the doors to employee advocacy. Inform the importance of the social media evolution. Build from within, and create ONE vision.



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