Corporate Reputation

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recently I was reading about the term corporate reputation, and learned how social media plays a significant role in maintaining a great corporate reputation. The term “corporate reputation” refers to how positively, or negatively, its key stakeholders such as employees, customers, and members of the media, investors, NGOs, suppliers and financial analysts perceive a company or similar institution. So how does this topic relate to social media? Well, in a recent symposium I attended. Dr. Matt Cabot stated, “The world people live in, is the world they see”. That message really stuck to me, because it’s true. We humans believe what we hear enough of and what we see in our computers, TV’s, and phone screens right? Right : )

So how do you protect your corporate reputation using social media?

Here are a few tips from Weber Shandwick

1)    Leaders must communicate, currently 10% of Fortune 500 companies now have external CEO or executive blogs. They want to present the companies point of view and start engagement with their consumers

2)    Use social media to create benchmarks, conduct reputation tracking, track what’s being said

3)    Understand that the world is changing, evolve with it

4)    Communicate through traditional media, but know NEW media and communicate there too (it’s all about real time communication)

5)    BROADCAST GOOD NEWS (Facebook, Tweet, Instagram)






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