About Me!!

Hi there Blogsters!

My name is Elizabeth. I am 31 yrs old a mother of two children. My eldest son is Brandon,(aka BRATDON) who is 15 yrs old, and my litle booger is Chloe, who is 4. Yes! if you do the math I had Brandon at the age of fifteen.
If only there was the reality show TeenMOM then, I would have been a reality TV SUPERSTAR!, but instead now I get to be SuperMOM!
I have definitely learned how to grow up real fast. I practically did everything in life backwards! As my professor would say… FANTASTIC!! Yes, As a teen I was figuring out how to be a mom, and all the responsiblities that came along with mommy work. In my twenties, I decided to marry the young boy, now man that I have been with since age 13, and have our second child. Finally, as an adult I am accomplishing my goal of earning my college degree. Many of whom I’ve met often comment that my life is so darn interesting that I should write a book. I however do not think so…. I do however would love to share my experiences with whomever is interested in my blogs. So get ready! Set! and start reading my upcoming BLOGS!!


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