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Hello Parents!

TANTRUMS are embarrassing!Sometimes you just want to give in so your child would just stop. However, if you give in once. Your child will be sure to do it again time and time again. (more…)


Hi there parents!

Most parent stress the importance of school, and ignore the fact that their child’s social life is very important to them. I’d like to remind you that if your child is not excelling in school, seems bothered, has sudden attitude change. (more…)

Hi there Parents!

I know how hard it is to get the little ones to eat those vegetables. (more…)

Is your child having an allergic reaction?

What do you do?

1. Look for signs such as

A. uncontrollable sneezing

B. Swelling of eyes,nose,lips

2. Give him/or her antihistamine,wash off child, change clothes

3. Contact Dr. right away!

Yes…. the day has finally come , and its time for the DRUG ┬áTALk! My fifteen year old came home, and was telling me stories about his friends trying marijuana. I know that’s his way of testing his waters with me…what do I do? (more…)

Hello Hello!

Sensitive subject… How do you know when your child is being BULLIED??? How do you deal with it? (more…)

Hi there mommies!

I know its the season for cold and flu’s, and there is nothing worse then seeing your little ones sick. Lately , there has been a lot of negitive studies about little ones taking over the counter drugs for minor coughs and colds.┬áTherefore here are some natural approaches I do to make my toddler feel better when she has cold. (more…)