Getting People to TALK

As you all know, I am very new to the world of social media. However, now that I have started, I find it intriguing how people come up with creative ways to attract attention to their page, post, tweet, or picture. Currently I have been working on a project that consist of the number of traffic that I can pull to my page. In the beginning, it would seem that we were posting things that people were interested in. However, I have noticed that the number of people that are looking at my page has decreased by the day. I then started to look into the pages of others that were also in the same type of business, and found myself reading more and more about other brands. And at some point I was being sold on the competitors product just by reading the conversations that they had on their page. Here are the three main things that I learned and need to work on. 1) be unique 2) humor is a great way to keep people reading and interacting 3) respond.respond.respond. make sure that questions/concerns are always answered.


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