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Hi parents!

Your child is 15 1/2  years old, and is trying to convince you that he or she is ready to drive. What do you do?

YES! I know all the thoughts that’s running through your mind? Is my child responsible enough? How am I going to monitor them, and who they will be driving? Here are some ideas that might help you. (more…)


Hello Parents!

TANTRUMS are embarrassing!Sometimes you just want to give in so your child would just stop. However, if you give in once. Your child will be sure to do it again time and time again. (more…)

Hi there parents!

Most parent stress the importance of school, and ignore the fact that their child’s social life is very important to them. I’d like to remind you that if your child is not excelling in school, seems bothered, has sudden attitude change. (more…)


Going Nuts?? Frustrated???


I know how it feels to have a full time job, have children, and at the same time trying to go to school. Here are tips I do to stay sane. (more…)

Hello Hello!

Sensitive subject… How do you know when your child is being BULLIED??? How do you deal with it? (more…)